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Minimum Risk. Strategic. Wealth Builders. Invest in the best Mutual Funds researched by our experts and ensure that your goals are achieved.

Stock picking for your portfolio in an intelligent, balanced and diversified manner is not everyone’s core competency. The nature of the business that the stock stands for, its fundamentals, values, company vision, history, political impressions, behind the scenes algorithms, its long term vision and domestic and global market timings are some of the factors that play an important role in choosing the stock best suitable for your financial goals. A wise investor takes many factors into account.
The law of averages always delivers great returns in the market. This means buying good quality stocks on dips and averaging out the cost price from time to time.
At KAUTILYA, we employ fundamental research, the expertise of our professional market advisors and technical analysis to help our customers create, assess, manage and build their portfolio in a creative, dynamic and futuristic exercise. We guide our clients to choose from well diversified industry segments, financial segments like large, mid and small caps. Not only that we ensure that your brokerage costs are minimised so that you can fully enjoy your returns without making a hole in them.
Mutual Funds services at KAUTILYA use the various market tools available to us for designing a short as well as long term goal fulfilling strategies. From children’s education to luxury holidays, marriage planning and retirement goals, our mutual funds services are equipped to provide solutions to all. We ensure that we keep the brokerage expenses and costs to the minimum and provide the best possible solutions keeping the clients benefit as a priority.



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