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Kautilya's Daughter
My Pride Plan

It is every parent’s dream to see their children happy, stable and well settled. KAUTILYA’s DAUGHTER MY PRIDE PLAN guides, supports and fulfills your goals and aspirations for your daughter’s educational and marriage needs. She is your pride, She is the apple of your eye. We understand that and therefore we have devised a highly stable and balanced investment plan that gives great returns over a period of time to empower her in the true sense.  

Kautilya’s Smart
Pension Plan

Retirement needs all comforts and joys of life. A vision to accomplish that for you and your partner is KAUTILYA’s SMART PENSION PLAN. KAUTILYA’s vast experience, expertise, research and in-depth analysis has shaped this secure and balanced returns plan for those years of life when you need to enjoy the fruits of your life’s hard work without any worries or stress. Systematic investments over a period of time will give you sustainable returns till the end of life under KAUTILYA’s SMART PENSION PLAN.

Kautilya's Smart
Women Power Plan

A woman dons many roles at the same time. An empowered woman empowers her family and society. KAUTILYA’s SMART WOMAN POWER PLAN has been devised to give financial freedom and empowerment to women especially after 40 years of age. This plan makes the women investor self-sufficient and self-reliant with the help of little investment over a period of time. KAUTILYA’s SMART WOMAN POWER PLAN helps her to take care of her needs and smile confidently as she faces the world. 


» No age restriction to invest in the plans
» No lock-in period
» Complete flexibility and liquidity to withdraw
» Lump-sum payment not required
» Monthly payment adds to the flexibility
» Start with as low as Rs 500
» Choose from a variety of schemes
» High returns, Low Risk
» Law of compounding
» Flexibility to switch over schemes
» Low maintenance cost

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