About Us – Kautilya


In today’s highly globalised world, financial independence is possible only if money is used as a wise investment. Sound investment is no more a simple feat given the innumerable investment opportunities around us. In the era of share brokers, KAUTILYA is a breath of fresh air with its multi services that go beyond the structure of a brokerage firm to provide a holistic and authentic blueprint and execution of financial plans and investments with complete integrity and ethical practices.

Team KAUTILYA works towards simplifying and empowering the road to success when it comes to financial thinking, planning, choices and investments. Choosing the right investment, thoughtfully strategising your short term to long term investments, carefully monitoring them with a consistent regularity, forming back up plans to insure any losses and knowing when to move in and move out of the trading cycle, all these need a well researched, knowledgeable and expert sense of the financial and the business world. And that is where Team KAUTILYA stands by your firmly with a clear direction and guidance to ensure that you smoothly tide over market vascilliations.

KAUTILYA is envisioned by a group of financial and wealth management experts with global experience. We have come together with unique investment models to benefit those who are looking for innovative and new means of financial and wealth management. We help you to achieve all your goals with the least amount of effort on your part, whether it is children’s education, family insurance, marriage goals, health or term insurance, retirement plans, idle asset management, right taxation choices with perfect market strategy, start-ups or just about anything that has the word finance in it!


           KAUTILYA is headed by experts with a global experience in the financial arena. Our team of seasoned professionals come from diverse backgrounds and expertise enabling a unique environment of financial planning, advisory and execution.
The world is a global village today. The number of expatriates is higher than ever and growing, leading to financial planning and investments going global as well. Cross nation and multinational financial planning services, therefore, are in huge demand. KAUTILYA is a successful financial consultancy and advisory firm which aims to ensure that expatriates are anxiety free when it comes to their investment decisions and growth with security of their money.