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Welcome  to   KAUTILYA Equity  Services,  a  leading pan-India   financial   and wealth   consultancy  firm based  in  the  heart of  Kerala, Kochi. KAUTILYA is a dynamic and   innovative   financial group  envisioned  to provide quick, result oriented, enduring  and life enhancing financial solutions for the achievement of your goals and dreams.  Our  vision  is sustainable growth  with profitability  for  all stakeholders.  Asset  growth with  ethical  services  that add quality and stability to your life is our  mission.  We  offer  a diversified  range  of   strategic financial  consultancy services to individuals as well as corporates with a client centric approach to meet all their needs. Make  the  right investment  decision with   KAUTILYA.  Our  services include  Derivative investments,  Stocks  and Mutual Funds, Insurance, Taxation and Asset management.

We Provide

Best Financial Solutions and Stock Strategies

Business Advisory

We work with you on various business verticals in India and GCC. We support you on your journey of a successful business establishment with expert advice, strategies and networking.

Mutual Fund Advisory

Make a right decision. Minimum Risk. Strategic. Wealth Builders. Invest in the best Mutual Funds researched by our experts and ensure that your goals are achieved.

Insurance Services

Get the best insurance coverage. Hassle Free claims. Top Life, Asset & Medical Insurance products for our valued customers. Insurance is assurance, Choose wisely with Kautilya.

Taxation Services

Leave all your taxation worries and problems. We giving accurate and effective taxation advice on Income tax, Wealth tax, Value added tax and also the best customised Tax saving plans.

Asset Management

Have Assets that you are not able to pay attention to and earn income from? Leave it to the Kautilya experts to efficiently manage your assets and turn them in to winning assets with great returns.

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